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Track Name: paper pusher
there's a half written novel in a teacher's desk a half a painting hiding in the back of every basement our life's work and we'll never complete them not if we don't find the will because i've been searching not sure if i have the same resolve that I had to push forward just finish the things that we started (at all costs) make a go of it stop wishing it's a life built not dreamed there's a half a mountain of half ideas half a man so drop the anchor and hold onto your aspirations surely this false footing is to blame for every half finished work of art our own making
Track Name: chromatic living
give me the light give me the dark give me the spectrum because i've been seeing so much gray give me tragedy and loss an endless torrent of bad things give me light that just won't dull a waking dream and on my deathbed just plunge a dagger into my gut and let me bleed out on the floor an epitaph to clean living wouldn't trade a minute of extremes for a million hours of security
Track Name: slow my brain
a young man heads out into the world searching for whatever he can find confronted with the horrors of man he hangs his head, and wishes slow down my brain erase my memory i can see why so many remain ignorant to the horrors that beset men and they're hiding beneath every street around every corner and around me slow down my brain erase my memory make me a new man turn to a blank slate it's scary i know to hold these truths and out there in the world there's still some truths we hold on to so just dull my senses and muddle my memory just enough to slow my brain